Helping you achieve your financial freedom

Responsible for your comfortable retirement

We’re extremely pleased to present our range of Lifetime Mortgages. Our understanding of what customers want in this market is unrivalled.

We’ve listened to our customers and then designed a range of products that meet their needs both today and over the lifetime of the plan. In an ever-changing world, customers are crying out for flexibility.

We’ll continue to work tirelessly to develop new products and features that serve our customers.

Keith Haggart

Managing Director

"A considerably enhanced

customer experience."

Our Unique & Bespoke Lifetime Mortgages

Our Lifetime Mortgages all meet the Equity Release Council product standards and have been built with the following features to put your needs first.

The ultimate flexibility

Our modern flexible range of Lifetime Mortgages can help you plan your retirement using your property as an income source that you hadn't previously thought of.

Dynamic pricing!

Our pricing reflects how much you want to borrow. If you’re borrowing a smaller amount compared to your property value, we’ll reflect this in our pricing. We take the risk of any negative equity in your property so as our risk reduces, so does your price.

Fair Terms

A Lifetime Mortgage doesn’t have to be for life. If you decide you want to repay the plan, our terms are clear and fair and you’ll know what it will cost before you take out the plan. Some of our competitors are still using factors such as variable early repayment charges. Why take the risk?

Bespoke underwriting

Our team of real-life, human underwriters are ready to discuss your property and your loan with your adviser. Say no to our ‘computer says no’ competitors.

Service levels and technology

We’ve built our platform to interact perfectly between real people and technology. Our team in Plymouth is on hand to manage your case with your adviser whilst our state of the art technology ensures everything runs smoothly.

We built our technology to provide flexibility to our customers, not to say no to them. Unlike some competitors, we take online applications from your adviser, which shaves days if not weeks off your completion times.

Treating customers fairly

We are proud to put our name to these products because we know that at our heart, we put customers first. A Lifetime Mortgage is a long-term commitment and a partnership between you and us.

You can rest assured that we hold your best interests at heart. We don’t expect any issues, but if they do arise we will ensure they are resolved quickly, efficiently and fairly.